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    playgroundOur program focuses on the children’s interests and aims to help them to develop and maintain confidence, a high level of self-esteem and leadership skills.

    Educators plan experiences for children based on many factors. Theoretical knowledge of child development, experience gained from working with young children, the centre philosophy and goals.

    We provide a busy, active programme where key areas of learning and development are incorporated in the WCK OSHC programs – offering a variety of supervised activities, which are not limited to the following:


    1. Unlimited use of the Wild Kidz’s playground, bouncy castles, video games, car rides
    2. Sport programs such as Basketball, AFL, Soccer, Tennis, Rugby, Netball and Volley ball.
    3. General play and ball games in the indoor and outdoor areas
    4. Creative crafts, drawing and writing
    5. Board and computer games
    6. Videos and movies
    7. Reading
    8. Drama, singing and dancing
    9. General play and ball games in the indoor and outdoor areas
  • album Extra-Curricular Activities Programs

    paintIn addition, WCK provides a separate Extra-Curricular Activities Programs offering activities to any child enrolled in the After School Care or Vacation Care programs. These activities attract an additional fee. Activities vary throughout the year.

    Examples of some of the activities are:

    1. Art Activities
    2. Dancing Lessons
    3. Spanish language classes
    4. Computing classes (specialised programs)
    5. Drama Lessons
    6. Music
    7. Gymnastics

    For comprehensive information (including prices and times) please contact us on phone: 9409 6277.

    Child Care Benefits are available to eligible parents, through the Family Assistance Office, to help with the cost of the fees for the OSHC programs. 50% Tax Rebate and Childcare benefit (CCB). Many families don’t think the Tax Rebate is available to them as they believe its based on their income. Well, it isn’t means tested, and you could be missing out on getting 50% of your fees rebated! -Most families are eligible for the 50% rebate of all out of pocket expenses for attending West Coast Kidz OSHC programs. Many families are getting half their fees back as an immediate discount when they ask for their rebate to be applied to their account. Ask for your Child Care Rebate to be paid ‘directly’ to West Coast Kidz OSHC on your behalf as a fee reduction. For more details on CCB and CCTR call the Family Assistance Office on 13 61 50